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Cornerstone's Succession Planning Module Empowers Organizations to Identify, Track, and Leverage Candidates from Existing Employee Base

Santa Monica, CA - March 28, 2005 - CyberU, a leading provider of integrated on-demand enterprise software solutions for human capital management, today announced the availability of enhanced candidate search and tracking tools for Cornerstone OnDemand. The Candidate Tracker has been added to Cornerstone's Succession Planning module to provide HR recruiters, within enterprise organizations, the tools needed to efficiently search their workforce to identify qualified candidates. The Candidate Tracker allows an organization to search for candidates to fill open positions based on skill set, geographic location and other desired criteria within their organization - saving valuable time and reducing external recruiting costs.

In many cases, the best candidate for an open position can be found within the organization, but without an internal recruiting process or solution, these employees often go unidentified. Cornerstone's Candidate Tracker empowers recruiters by providing them with access to integrated performance and development data that helps them effectively identify qualified candidates throughout the organization. This unique application offers a more efficient, proactive approach to locating, managing and tracking the progress of talent within any organization.

"Internal recruiting allows organizations to more fully leverage the qualifications of their current workforce," says Adam Miller, President and CEO, CyberU, Inc. "By closely managing their workforce, companies can quickly identify high-potential employees and their skills; as well as effectively increase retention by challenging these high-potential employees with new (increased) responsibility and the option of upward mobility. CyberU's goal is to enable organizations to completely manage employee development, throughout the entire organization - at every level."

With Cornerstone's integrated Candidate Tracker tool, recruiters are now able to search for potential candidates based on a set of desired (or pre-determined) criteria including skills, competency level, experience, and education. Once the recruiter outlines the desired criteria for an open position, the Candidate Tracker automatically generates a list of qualified candidates and ranks them based on how well they meet the requirements. HR Recruiters can then leverage the results found with the Candidate Tracker to share potential candidates with others involved in the hiring process for feedback and review. Additionally the new tools allow for the tracking and storing of candidate history in order to view which positions an employee has already been considered for as well as reasons they were or were not selected.

A propos de Cornerstone OnDemand

Cornerstone OnDemand (NASDAQ : CSOD) est l’un des leaders des logiciels cloud de gestion de la formation et du capital humain. Recrutement, intégration, formation, gestion de la performance et de la rémunération, plans de succession, gestion des données RH, gestion des effectifs et analytique RH : la plateforme est pensée pour développer pleinement le potentiel des organisations et des personnes.

Plus de 3 250 clients et plus de 36 millions d’utilisateurs utilisent aujourd’hui le logiciel de Cornerstone OnDemand, dans 192 pays et en 43 langues.

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