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4 Insights on Optimising the Customer Experience With Retail Management HR Software

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4 Insights on Optimising the Customer Experience With Retail Management HR Software

April 27, 2016 Mike Erlin

What constitutes an ideal customer experience? Although many businesses struggle with this question, everyone knows the type of retail encounters they'd like to be exposed to themselves. 

Of course, perfecting the customer experience is easier said than done. Many firms rely on retail talent management software to ease the process, but an abundance of options makes it worth considering which features a well-matched solution ought to incorporate. Smart business leaders commonly look for the following four characteristics.

1. Capacity for Unified Branding

Branding isn't just about slapping a logo on every available product or retail display. It's also apparent in the attitudes with which retailers approach consumer interaction. Top retail talent management software should foster the development of uniform operating procedures which will set the overall tone for the company.

One golf store CEO says of his customers that "regardless of where they shop, we want to blend our channels together and provide a seamless, fun experience." Since it's impossible to predict whether a given consumer might find a retailer via social media, word of mouth or classic walk-in interaction, retail software must enable comprehensive oversight.

Employee onboarding for retail help managers with social media recruiting, sales-pitch training and compliance management from the same unified platform. With so many aspects to oversee, using a disjointed HR software tool is certain to lead to incoherent results, which is why many prefer Cornerstone's comprehensive approach.

2. Loyalty Cultivation

Good HR software for retail doesn't only train workers to provide uniform shopping experiences. It also demonstrates the value of staying true to the existing corporate culture.

One way to achieve lasting loyalty is to let workers track their training progress in relation to career advancement. With Cornerstone Succession, employers incentivise proactive skill acquisition and show people the worth of thoroughly investing in their current careers. Companies can even go a step further and provide rewards for staff members who receive positive customer reviews or satisfy daily achievement goals.

3. Seamless Shopping Experiences

Companies increasingly need to accommodate unique shopping habits. A customer who's accustomed to online shopping may wish to make a customised order from their phone and pick it up in the store. They might even want to chat about their purchase options online before visiting a brick-and-mortar location to try the specific items they discussed.

Seamless retail management integration is vital to meeting such demands. Many tools make it easy to manage stock in accordance with digital interactions. Cornerstone management software takes this idea to its logical conclusion by familiarising employees with stock and resource oversight protocols to ensure customer satisfaction.

4. Goal-Oriented Workflows

One of the clearest advantages of retail management HR software is that being connected to so many different data streams makes it easier to pursue organisational objectives. With Cornerstone for Retail, companies achieve:

  • Individual, departmental or company-wide training
  • Recruiting and skills tracking
  • Compliance governance
  • Improved team communication

When applied properly, HR management software empowers retailers to engage with both employees and consumers and sculpt the ideal buying experience. Check out Cornerstone for Retail online to learn more.

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