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5 Ways to Make Performance Reviews More Effective

Talent Management

5 Ways to Make Performance Reviews More Effective

December 18, 2016 Mike Erlin

Managers at a growing number of organisations understand that effective performance management requires more than yearly evaluations. They recognise the direct impact individual employee performance has on their bottom lines and are correcting course with improved performance tracking systems.

Scaled-up Talent Management Systems

Take, for example, the Australian Public Service. As one of the country's largest employers, the APS has the Herculean task of monitoring many thousands of employee performances every year. Budgetary constraints complicate matters even further. The group cites ongoing and in-the-moment evaluations as one way of streamlining the process. If an organisation on this scale can leverage workforce management software and human-based talent management systems to identify strengths and weaknesses, imagine what a small- or medium-sized business can do.

HR Software, Regular Reviews and the Workplace Environment

In New Zealand, public policy experts have pointed out the effectiveness of evaluating the impact of working conditions on employee output. From one-on-one discussions about workload intensity, work-life balance and other factors to using HR software to monitor trends, managers and human resources departments can use a multitude of ways to evaluate external factors on employee productivity.

5 Performance Management Tips

Take a cue from these productivity pros. Let a combination of top-notch workforce management software and well-timed conversations work for your organisation. These five tips will help you get -- and remain -- on track.

1. Ensure that employees' goals line up with the company's goals.

Your organisation's goals must be clearly stated. The basics should be front-of-mind, guiding employees in everything they do on the job. It's also essential to know that each worker's goals align with those of the organisation. Discuss metrics for measuring results to provide a clear vision of what's needed to succeed.

2. Provide ongoing feedback.

Schedule routine discussions. Employees can more effectively evaluate themselves and others when reviews occur at routine intervals. Provide 360 degree feedback using quality talent management software. This gives individuals an accurate idea of how their performance affect, and are perceived by, the entire team. Update team goals regularly to reflect organisational changes.

3. Confront roadblocks as they occur.

Problems are best solved immediately. Waiting for annual reviews does little to change behaviours or outcomes. On the flipside, working together as problems happen fosters collaboration.

4. Use data as a springboard.

Learn to translate performance tracking system data into meaningful insights. Leverage the data to uncover weaknesses and form a strategy to boost profits and cut risks.

5. Make performance management reviews an integral part of career development.

Use performance tracking system data to spur discussions of long-term aspirations. Work on weaknesses with targeted training, and encourage ongoing education as part of the company culture. When employees see flaws as easily correctable, they find it easier to move on and pursue big-picture goals.

How Workforce Management Software Can Help

With so much on your plate, continuing performance evaluations may seem like a lofty goal. But scheduling regular reviews actually makes things easier on you and your employees. The right talent management system makes even easier work of boosting performance, morale and your organisation's bottom line.

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