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Strategies to Ensure Employee Goal Attainment

Talent Management

Strategies to Ensure Employee Goal Attainment

December 15, 2016 Vanessa Hamilton

The economy of Australia and New Zealand has demonstrated remarkable strength regardless of world events that may be weighing down the economies of major world powers. Small to medium-size enterprises account for much of this activity. In New Zealand, 97 percent of commercial companies are considered small businesses due to their size and scope of operations, and 27 percent of New Zealand’s gross domestic product comes from this sector. The success of small businesses is mirrored in Australia’s business environment where job growth, absorption and employment rates remain steady. The growth trajectory of these businesses could be enhanced further with strategic deployment of talent management systems that focus on supporting the strongest performers from the ranks of current employees.

Growing a Small Business or Enterprise

In the business world, strategy is key to survival and growth. It is a continuous cycle of self-assessment, feedback and tactical adjustment with an eye on achieving the company’s stated mission. Small businesses can use self-assessment to determine which business strategies produce the best yield. Self-generated performance assessment should be encouraged for each employee at strategic intervals and focused on metrics that are relevant to the employees’ motivations while supporting the companies' goals. Constructive self-assessment highlights positive factors while providing opportunities for employees to correct and realign their patterns of behaviour. Growing a small business means nurturing the employees whose input and work product impact business results in significant ways. There should be a system in place that encourages individual goal setting focused on specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and timely goals aligned with the company’s mission.

Effective Talent Management Strategies

Small businesses rely on fewer resources than larger companies when it comes to meeting their performance goals. This means that talent identification and development is a critical element of their business strategy. Finding the best employees for crucial staff positions and motivating and developing this talent pool is a huge factor in ensuring that business growth is sustained. Access to a learning system that supports targeted training of employees is one strategy that has proven successful in improving employee performance.

A system with 360 degree feedback is a crucial part of talent management. Make sure that employees are aware of their areas of strength and receive support for areas that require improvement. Constructive 360 degree feedback boosts employee morale and enhances retention. Employees can sense when the company is invested in their individual growth and are more likely to remain positively engaged with the company’s mission and goals.

How to Improve Employee Performance

Providing a framework that ensures employee success is part of a solid strategy to improve employee performance. With an learning system, employees can access training programs that will satisfy any training or knowledge gaps that they may have at their convenience. These programs can be customised to their needs, and feedback is provided to ensure productive encounters.

Small businesses that are intent on pursuing growth goals can deploy various types of employee management software to make sure that their talent pool remains engaged and committed to the business process. The talent management system should provide expanded learning opportunities for motivated employees such that they begin to see themselves as potential top performers and actually set their sights on this goal.

Deploying Small Business HR Software

Small to medium businesses need to invest in people as well as capital resources. In the growth stage, it is crucial to invest in the people who can steer the company towards success. The business environments in Australia and New Zealand are favourable to the survival and growth of these businesses. It is also the kind of environment that favours business automation such as the use of small business HR software to streamline the tasks and to enhance the likelihood of success individually and for the company as a whole.

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