Non-Profit Performance Management Software
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Non-profit organisations are the cornerstones of communities across the world. Every hour of every day, non-profit organisations provide the vital services and assistance necessary to sustain the fabric of our societies.

Unfortunately, although non-profit organisations continue to demonstrate remarkable success in meeting the daily and diverse needs facing our communities, this sector faces significant challenges when it comes to training and retaining its own talent.

Non-profit organisation learning and talent management solution

Cornerstone for Non-Profit Organisations provides a comprehensive learning and talent management solution designed to help the non-profit sector transform its workforce to be more collaborative, motivated, accountable and productive employee practices. This, in turn, drives bottom-line savings and helps achieve your critical mission.

With Cornerstone for Non-Profit Organisations, you'll get:

  • Reduced time-to-productivity for your core members
  • Automated performance appraisals for greater organisational alignment
  • An integrated approach to talent management so you can accelerate the development of your next generation of leaders
  • Software-as-a-Service, allowing geographically dispersed employees to train as easily as your headquarters staff
  • Improved metrics and objective setting for employees and volunteers alike
  • Ongoing training that helps your members become effective
  • Succession planning to help retain employees within the organisation, while enabling them to grow professionally

Now more than ever, non-profit organisations must address the increasing competition for talented employees as well as the impending retirement of seasoned high-level leaders. With Cornerstone, you can effectively and efficiently manage the human side of human resources.

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