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Social Collaboration Software for Companies

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Social Collaboration Software for Companies

February 16, 2016 Kevin Burns

Social collaboration software by Cornerstone can be used by everyone in your organisation from the Executives to the Product Managers. These tools provide real time communication on any device for efficient knowledge sharing. These easy-to-use tools reduce costs and time spent on projects so your company can enhance productivity and drive innovation. Learn more about Cornerstone’s Connect tool with this quick video.



In addition to simplifying communication between teams and management, Cornerstone’s Connect works together with our LMS to make collaborative learning possible. This workforce development tool unifies teams, enhances employee productivity and reduces costs because of enhanced efficiencies.

Realise your company’s potential by utilising Cornerstones Connect tool. Visit our product page to learn more about our team communication tools and click the Let’s Talk button to schedule a personalised demo.   


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