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How to Grow Communities with Association Management Software

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How to Grow Communities with Association Management Software

April 20, 2016 Mike Erlin

The membership base of an association is its lifeblood. Growing the membership base while improving retention ensures robust growth for the association. The organisation is more than the sum of its parts when collaboration and community support define the interaction of all parties involved. Keeping network members in the loop is the first order of the day. Cornerstone’s association membership management software offers the ideal platform through which associations can drive membership growth, retain current members and expand to attract new audience.

Association Management Software that Counts

Cornerstone's Associations software provides several ways to interact with employees or members.

• Provide lessons and activities through easy-to-use LMS that are of interest to members

• Ensure convenient access to these activities via paid subscription or membership-based free access

• Provide groups within the association feedback-driven and rewards-based programs to ensure collaborative efforts amongst members

Using Association Membership Software to Drive Growth

Membership dues and other usage and access fees generate funds that the association can use to maintain its current programs and to develop new ones. However, the association needs to be cautious that its fund-raising efforts do not overwhelm members and turn them off entirely.

Constantly paying membership dues is unappealing to people. Instead try linking fees to learning modules and e-learning libraries that members are interested in. Structure the access to allow fee-free sampling, but ensure that unlimited access to the entire content library is subscription based. Make memberships free to encourage a community of fans, but make the sought after content the way members donate to the association.

Association Membership Management Software as a Planning Tool

Planning for future growth is a key concern in dynamic associations. Leveraging its membership base when developing growth strategies assumes that the association has access to information such as member preferences, feedback on past programs and training requirements.

Cornerstone provides a central membership management solution to collect and monitor feedback, gauge the effectiveness of past projects and measure user enthusiasm. Once these tools capture user feedback, track content usage and identify potential growth areas the information is presented in an easy-to-use reporting platform.

Member Management Software: Cloud-based Management Solutions

Appealing to a wider audience ensures membership growth. However, expanding the geographic and demographic influence of the association presumes that the organisation has the capacity to provide services to members in distant locations. Additionally, the association must be prepared to deploy advanced and potentially disparate technologies to support the growth of their social networks. Encourage members to remain engaged with their peers through constant social connections via association-supported blogs, community forum and virtual classroom interaction. Spark intriguing conversation among members and potential members with Cornerstone's member management software to highlight the group's resourcefulness and to foster community spirit.

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